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I thought I had finally given up on this place, but no way. The moment I found an interesting series, my little fangirl woke up, and I realized I need to write about it! Typos and all~ I'll be checking those whenever I see one in the future, haha~

So, ZEGAPAIN. it has supposedly been around since year 2006, why hasn't anyone recommended it to me yet? Oh well, my mecha-loving friends are few and far away, I guess, or only go for Gundam ♥ Truth is, I'd like to be surfing Ebay right now, trying to find figurines. The mechas in this series are definitely pretty, but they don't really hold candle to Gundams. I think very rare mechas do. Also the main course, that is, the story, has nice twists every now and then - no, try all the time ^_^'. It seems like the plot stands on one twist after another.

It can get tiring.

Oh, that's righ, this series has sovinistic qualities! I'm serious! There are only about five guys that show their face regularly, and seven women, who all have a reserved back seat in the mechas. The person piloting the Zegapain and taking care of shooting, is called Gunner, amd is ALWAYS a man. The one handling the "rear seat" is called Wizard, and is ALWAYS a woman. The Gunner never changes, but the Wizard does, almost all the time.

Supposedly it doesn't matter that the roles are fixed. I'm just expecting the time when a fan writes fanfiction about a Female Gunner. Then again, the truth is, there is ABSOLUTELY NONE. No fanfiction about this series at all. None I could find.

I'm not good in reviewing - ANYTHING, so I'll start on the real ramble now. Because I'm unable to keep it spoiler-free Collapse )

Sogoru Kyo and Lu Sheng Mao ♥ The Oceanus' original Gunners.

Sori sori

Taitaa olla ensimmäinen päivä kun oikeasti kirjoitan moneen otteeseen. Olen viettänyt eilisestä tähän lukien thumblr:ää, ja tulin tulokseen lukiessani yhtä ficciä, että se mitä PH minulle opetti eilen, on etteivät sudet ole pahoja.

Minkä minä tiesin jo entuudestaan.

Edes ketut eivät ole pahoja, mutten vain Voi verrata Jackiä käärmeeseen. Vaikka eivät käärmeetkään ole pahoja. Jack on loistelias kullanhohtoinen yandere kettu. ^_^

Joku tuolla sanoi sen todella hyvin. Pandora Hearts on LOISTAVA sarja, täynnä aasinsiltoja ja synkkyyttä. Joten aloin ajatella että se, että jotain tapahtuu, tai että joku sanoo jotain, ei ole välttämättä sitä miltä se kuulostaa, ja MochiJun-sama laittoi taktisesti Ozin opettamaan meille jotain tärkeää ennen kuin mitään tapahtui: "I don't really like it when people go on and on about Justice, even thought I admit I admire those who do. There's just what we Want to do." Oikeus on eri asia kuin sydämensä kuunteleminen. Jos rakastaa jotakuta, no, niin. En ole kokenut sitä, mutta eikö se tarkoita sitä, että terve järki jää toiseksi sydämen äänen edessä? Joten mitä on HYVÄ ja PAHA siinä tapauksessa? Kukaan ei ole täydellinen. Oz sanoi myös, että kun kysessä on Ihminen, mikään ei ole mustavalkoista.

Ai niin, olen jo kauan alitajuisesti nähnyt Glenin sutena ^_^'

Ottamatta huomioon aiempia hienoisia spoilereita, tässä on video josta tykkään EDELLEEN:

Ihmiset, jos ette ole jo, lukekaa Pandora Hearts. Se löytyy kun sen googlettaa. jos minä en ole vielä ampunut itseäni, tämä ei ole VIELÄ liian suuri mind-fuck sarja ^______^ Ja sen piirtotyyli vain on niin upeaa. Mochizuki Jun is my goddess~

Long time no write tjn

First, I give you Ace, because Ace is love ♥ ~♪

Portgas D. Ace

Fear not, this time it's not because nothing has happened worth writing. It's more like, Lots of things have happened and it's too much to all fit in one entry. Unless I try and squash it down into simple notes.

Okay, so what Did I write about in my last entry? Don't remember. I got a job ^^ A real, wonderful, fantastic job ♥ Also, my computer broke and I had to invest to a new one. I also fell in love with Ace and cried for weeks and weeks and weeks, and I still cry if it hits me on a bad day. He was so wonderful, and also reminded me of Kari, my brother. Not that they're exactly similar in any way, but they both have that brohter-thing going on you know? I can't help but fall for the brother-type. Except when I fall for the narcoleptic fall-asleep-in-my-food-while-eating type FIRST, and then realize Fuck, this guy's the main character's brother, OMG! And a Good brother to boot.

I ranted about this to a few friends in MSN when it happened. About how all my favourite characters all have some serious hidden issues.Collapse )

So, how DID this entry end up being about my favourite characters anyway? Ah well, I don't care, really. So, I'm a postman now ♥ As in:
"It's a beautiful day~ A postman delivered a letter from your lover~ ♫"
" ♪ Please mister postman look and see if there's a letter, a letter for me!"

I've been a postman, or a mail deliverer, for about six months now <3 No WAIT! Almost EIGHT months! Where DOES the time fly? :'D

I'll leave you guys with Ace, since zerochan is a wonderful place. Ace makes me happy, I hope he makes you guys happy too.
Portgas D. Ace

About my love-related issues some other time
Sam Stevens for TBL

Writing: Close to the end (TBL)

I haven't updated my journal in ages. Don't worry, I still won't :'D I'm just here to deliver something from my inner consciousness. This belongs to a OC universe I'm playing in with a couple of my friends. It's tough to play a character that's supposed to die from the beginning. Actually, had died before the beginning. One has to cry when having a wonderful character, who grows up fast and has so many wonderful things ahead of him, but whose flight is cut short, just to feed the bigger picture.

Anyway, for my English readers, I'm sorry. There's not much English in this. Our universe works in having the narration and Japanese in Finnish, mostly, and only the English in English. For the Finnish readers, welcome welcome ♥ It's a wonderful story, tho we don't really play it chronologically, and it's mostly hidden in our heads. For more, visit tokyo_band_life

Universe: Tokyo Band Life
Character: Sam Setsuna Stevens

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Ydinvoiman vastaiset jutut alkoivat taas. Toivottavasti tällä kertaa on enemmän ihmisiä jotka vaivautuvat näyttämään kantansa. On hirveän ärsyttävää kun jotkut sanovat "No en minä ole ydinvoiman puolella, mutta en kyllä jaksa käyttää puolta minuuttia kirjoittaakseni nimeni adressiin". Tämä on tietysti asia joka on lähempänä joidenkin sydäntä kuin toisten, hirveän monet eivät välitä paskaakaan mistä se sähkö tulee kunhan sitä vain tulee. Ehkä koko juttu on niin ärsyttävä minulle sen takia, että tämä On niin tärkeä asia, eikä vain minulle, vaan kaikille - sen Pitäisi olla tärkeä kaikille. Miksi itsepäisesti sijoittaa ydinvoimaan kun on jo osoitettu ettei ydinvoima riitä pidemmän päälle, ja on muutenkin mennyt pois muodista kun parempaakin on tiedossa? Ja kun ydinvoimasta on tässä tapauksessa Vain Haittaa! Minä olen laiska ja minulla on tapana sanoa "en minä voi näille asioille mitään" mutta Minilla on kuitenkin aikaa allekirjoittaa, varsinkin kun se on tehty helpommaksi kuin helppo. Eikä se vaadi muita tietoja kuin nimen ja sähköposti-osoitteen. EIKÄ SEN NIMEN TARVITSE TULLA EDES KAIKKIEN NÄHTÄVÄKSI. Tärkeintä olisi että kaikki kirjoittaisivat.


Hopihopi ♥
Oh Really?, suspicious

End of one fandom starts a new journey.

Since I started melodramatics today, I decided to make a mark in my journal so I remember this mile pillar in my life. It's called END OF TENIPURI.

Not that tenipuri has ended. If Konomi is to be believed it's just beginning after 200 and so episodes. I don't care. I admire Yamato-buchou's hair but I've totally lost interest in the series. Please don't ask me to join any new tenipuri RPGs or persuade me to take more charas in the ones I'm already in. I may get interested and get inspiration, but the interest is short-lived and the inspiration will die after a month or so. For now I'm interested in multifandom RPGs, mostly because they allow me to play Lockon or Johann, characters from the series I actually still love. I'm so into Gundam 00, Pandora Hearts, Durarara and now Persona -Trinity Soul- that I wanna play my charas from those if possible. Especially Johann Trinity and Neil or Lyle Dylandy. They make shivers go down my spine with their presence in my head. They want to get out. I prolly can't write enough if I ever get to doing it.

I have now transferred all tenipuri stuff on my computer onto DVDs. Since I usually go back to series after a time I didn't wanna delete them all together, plus it's not like I hate the series. I've just done it all. My favourite characters are still my favourites of course. There's just a limit to how long you can play the same thing in hundred different variations. I need change, and new type of characters who can do different things. If I was to write a multifandom AU in the future, I would definitely bring my dearies back, and I probably will write fanfics about them, non-related to my RPGs, just- not now.

Funny as it is, I've downloaded more POT in the past 24 hours than I've downloaded in two years. Some missing episodes here and there, so I'll have them all on the DVDs. Feels strange. I got a glimpse of Saeki. Oh God how I love him.

Collapse )

It’s pathetic in a way, to love so much someone who never existed outside my head. What is the limit when a role can be called a mental disorder? When I start seeing these boys? Enough to have a relationship? Like buying two tickets to a movie when I’m going alone? Yeah right, like that’d happen.

Collapse )

I didn’t drop tenicamp for good tho. Tachibana wished to stay with Fuji, so I let him. A wonderful man he is. A wonderful man. Good night Sae, Jirou. Sweet dreams.

About Persona –trinity soul-. I liked it. A lot. The ending was good, and tho it felt a little stretched and then sudden, and a little funny, it fit. It didn’t break the story, even if I still think they shouldn’t have put a happy ending in it. I would’ve wanted to cry about the unfairness of it all. Well, longer. the story was good, and the plot was clear and strong. Some of the characters were a bit inconsistent but perhaps it’s because the characters were supposed to be like that. Oh well. I liked it. More than I liked Kuroshitsuji, and I appreciated some parts of Kuroshitsuji very much. then again, my friends know I never turned out to be a Kuroshitsuji fan. I might be called a Persona fan now tho. :’D The logic works, and even tho it’s not as good as Durarara, I was impressed.

BTW, the English speaking population spells Durarara SO WEIRD! It’s so funny! I was watching a video on Youtube, where a girl listed her all time favourite animes, and I cracked up. So funny.

Collapse )

Also I sincerely hope that the people listen to this song, just because it's going on my Saeki FST. It's simply wonderful. This time the music isn't about my feelings or his, but rather the past struggles and the song I associate the strongest to my Saeki in tenicamp.
Oh Really?, suspicious

Drrr episode 19 and some quiet despair over Masaomi's shame.

My skin feels god awful. Tight and THICK, and my feelings are a nervous ball of messed up thread. Or maybe a dust bunny? I have lots of those in my room it seems. I'm strangely calm after the latest Drrr episode. Or not calm but....how to say it....passive. Inside I'm sorta boiling, but it's the sorta despair which won't come out. Why oh why Masaomi do you torture me this way? why do you have to be so smart and yet so caught in the razor sharp net which wounds you no matter what you do? Masaomi, I love you. Please don't let yourself be anymore hurt! I know it's the old pain and what happens now is just something you've been carrying with you all the time....but please please, I can only see your death in the end at the moment, just like you. Why why why why why? This is so unfair! Don't make the boy I love the main sacrifice on your fucking GAME Izaya! I HATE you! And yet, my heart is beating steady and my breathing is the same as before I started watching the episode. It's just inside that I hurt, like it was me who was hurting all the time.

It really hurts.
grr, not my happy face, Daisuke

EPISODE 18!!!!

Things just keep happening!!! I know they've gotta make this second part faster since they've only got half the episodes to make the plot but it's making me so skittish and wide-eyed and flaily and EVEN IF THEY'D HAVE ALL THE EPISODES IN THE WORLD THEY'D STILL MAKE IT GO THIS FAST, BECAUSE THAT'S JUST IT! Thing have always been happening, and this shit just happens now. Earlier the characters were more apart, living their own lives, and running from Izaya - or to him like Mikado - GOSH! WHAT AM I SAYING! IT'S NOT MAKING ANY SENSE! not even to ME, and this is supposed to be readable when I'm old. Then again, somehow I doubt LJ will be active when I'm old..........

AND THIS JUST HAD TO BE THE OTHER KIDA MASAOMI EPISODE! I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT MY KIDA MASAOMI-KUN! NenenenenenenenenecanItakehimhomeandlovehimveryverymuchandkeephimawayfromdoingsillythings?

Durarara episode 19:
- Release Date: Thursday May 20th, 2010 @ 10:00am – 11:00am (Pacific Standard Timezone)

Expect to hear from me the 21st.

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Okay, so now that I've somewhat calmed myself by getting that barf of sickness out, I thought I'd write something about my life until now since the last time I wrote something about myself.

I've forgotten most of it, so you'll only get a few weeks.

I failed to get a job for the summer, but my dad sorta pays me when I work in his yard. I Think I'll get the Lyle-cosplay well on the way, maybe even finnish it before Desucon? And maybe I'll even have money to go there after I've finished the cosplay? My dad promised to help me make Jack's clock, or something that looks like it, I'm very happy. Also, I'm dreaming up this wonderful idea of making Jacks amazing earrings myself, since it's impossible to find those in the supermarket. I have the equipment and all I need is time and a burst of love for the character (I have plenty ♥) and well, courage. Plus the bigger blue stones in the ends. I think I can do it! Thank God my Jack project is for Ropecon earliest. FIRST IS MY DARLING ELLIOT NIGHTRAY! I already checked my mom's old handwork magazines for patterns. And dad promised to help me with Elliot's sword too. I hope my Oz-person is still up to the cosplay, but even so, I'm doing my best with Elliot. He's such a darling. Even if he likes getting violently pushy on people and has a habit of screaming in their face, I've seen him laugh, so what I gotta do is learn his frown, learn to fight realistically on camera and well, yeah, laugh. Since he's such an a adorably shy fellow when he's not angry.

Reminds me. I'm so sad OneManga took Pandora Hearts down. I know they had to do it, since it was a request from those who hold the rights, but still. I tried going around and finding it so I could DL it on my computer AGAIN, since funny enough I've already had it once, but then I overlooked an amazing series. SHAME ON ME. It shoulda been updated this week too :( Stupid free-online-service haters. If someone has the whole series up until now, I'd be happy to have it. I now have three volumes. So, yeah.

I googled Love Hotel too. Sounds pretty fucking amazing. I counted that if we have five people in the Japan room and choose to go on Wednesday or Thursday, it'll make 40 euros each. Not fucking bad right?

Going a bit further back, I was visiting Katri the Vappu weekend and stayed over my welcome, AGAIN, but I guess it's okay? I'm the worst leech there is. But I had fun! Even if Katri's cat got scared and bit her hand off. It bled a lot.

Returning to last weekend, I was out there, protesting against Nuclear Power. I shouted my voice away, but I also met this 14-year-old girl who screamer louder than me. Rosette? Yeah, smething that reminds me of Rusetti, or Roulette, now that I think about it. I'm supposed to keep her informed about events. Should help me check about them from time to time myself. In the end they said there was like 3000 people there? Screaming "Mauri on Tsoukki, eikä meitä naurata!" haha. It translated to "Mauri is a joke and we're not laughing." Mauri Pekkarinen is the person who is pushing this nuclear power thing through. I so fucking hope what we did makes a difference... Since building two new factories in Finland is just WRONG, especially when Fenno-voima is doing it to sell electricity out of the country. that's just a bad joke, honestly. I'm not good in putting my thoughts to words and I suck sounding intelligent and up-to-date when I argue about it, which is why I fall silent more often than not and cry my frustration, but this thing is really important to me. I don't want this to happen!

I was also in my first house party. It was so much fun, tho Nilla forgot to tell me everyone was supposed to bring something with them. So I was a leech again. I went gaga over the super high tech equipment there, and SPACE. It was awesome. my first house party ever. And NO DRINKING! I was so happy, and sugar-high. But thank goodness I wasn't the only one.

I'm fighting with mom over the computer again. It's seriously getting ridicculous. Then again, it's funny how she decides she NEEDS to use it everytime I'm on it, and I'm out of the fucking house six days of seven.

The next Durarara (WAAAAAAAA) episode, 18th, comes out 13th day this month. I won't be home, but I'm so watching it the moment I come back. It should be translated by then. ^_^ I seriously hope it is.